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Ip6tables SNAT, DNAT, MASQUERADE support (4)
Please accept LetsEncrypt CA (2)
Show transceiver information from plugin modules, e.g SFP+, QSFP (1)
VyOS support for latest OpenVPN with IPv6 on inner and outer tunnel addresses (5)
Allow to disable external cache for active-active configuration (1)
Want to run Suricata & VYOS On Same Machine (1)
[Solved] [T1019] Enable Google BBR congestion control module in the kernel (3)
Translate to different size (5)
Nping Integration (2)
VyOS support for NAT64 (1)
VyOS support for DHCPv6-PD on WAN (1)
Easy to handle firewall rules (1)
BFD Support in stable and beta versions (6)
IDS/IPS Integration (8)
DNAT firewall state (1)
OpenVPN config-file import (3)
VyOS Support BGP RPKI (1)
Macros in in configuration mode (1)
Malware Patrol URL block lists and Ransomware block lists/feeds (3)
Add kvm (Qemu) guest agent to Vyos ISO (8)