1 to 1 NAT x 2


So this is possibly a little odd but anyway.

I have 5 pieces of IP addressed hardware that are IP locked to, 146, 147, 148 and 149. These IPs are burned into their eeproms so cannot be altered, they cost $6k each and we cannot afford to replace them. The hardware server is on (But I might try and change it to

The server talks to the 5 pieces of hardware and picks up data for displaying on a web page (nginx with nodejs)

What we have is another 5 pieces of identical hardware that clash as they have the same IPs as the first. but I need to put them all on the same network / server now. I was wondering if I could do a double 1 to 1 NAT using 2 vyos routers (I have done this with simply NAT and pinholing previously)


(hardware A) <-- |1 to 1 vyos| <-- |1 to 1 vyos| <— --> B)

and repeat this for 146, 7, 8 and 9

this way I can run all 10 off one server on one network subnet.

Is this possible?

or is there a better / simpler way in vyos?

Otherwise I guess I could have 10 vyos routers each doing port forwarding as pairs, but 2 routers is way easier to look after than 10.

I would do this on a x86 laptop (as I have one so free) but would prefer something low powered like say 1 or 2 raspberry pi (I have 2 so free) as it needs to run for 10 hours at a remote location off a battery.


you can add devices to hardware server with ips other than ?


Yes for sure as long as it is on 192.168.0.x. However its nginx and nodejs stuff (which I am clueless on) so I am also trying to find out if the hardware server’s software (I cant see why not but I am no software person) can utilise multiple subnets in which case this becomes easier still.

So I can add or even more IPs no issues as that is how you expand the server to handle more lanes (black boxes) So if you buy a new lane / blackbox off the vendor you tell them your existing IPs you have and they program in an un-used IP to the eeprom and courier it to you.

hence I am thinking a double 1 to 1 NAT might work. Or I am open to ideas/alternatives.


Assuming devices not sending gigabits of data
you just can get average server, spin up esxi or kvm and do virtual boxes with 1-to-1 NAT as you suggested


Yes virtualisation was my plan. Probably a Dell E6430 laptop as that has heaps of resources for this tiny job, the data rate is actually small, I get them cheap and they have a battery built in.

Not sure how KVM would like it if you have 2 or more NICs running the same subnet, might be fine or it might sulk have to test. VMware Esxi would definitely work and I know how to drive it, but I am not sure on the limitations of its “free licence” ie I dont want to expose our not for profit club to possible litigation, we have little money plus KVM has features like USB3, gluster or lvm raid support, ESXi demands “proper” raid to do.