10gbit vm


Been looking at playing with 10gbit over the last 24 hours. My searching lead me here. I would like some feedback on my plans before I go out and start buying.

I am considering buying 3 of these. MHQH29C-XTR-ConnectX-2’s to put into a system as the “switch”

3 of these for my other PCs: MNPA19-XTR

plus a few extra cables…

Plus a sft+ card for my synology (not immediately).

My plan is to run Vyos inside of my exsi box as a guest os purely to manage the switching. The box has a Intel Core i7-930 @ 2.8GHz with 24GB of ram. It has 3 open PCIe slots (2x16, 1x8). I assume a single core with some ram would be plenty for it to manage 6port 10gbit switching but unsure and wanted to ask before I start down this road. My question is, do I “build” my own switch which will both be frustrating and fun or be lazy and buy something that costs at least twice as much.

Can anyone point me to some guides or help for what i am trying to do? Also, double check that my hardware will work ok?


For pure switching, it would be much much faster to get a real switch.


Thank you, after a ton more research I was leaning that way. Appreciate the quick and helpful response.