/31 public gateway and vyos upgrades

My service provider is trying to conserve IP addresses they provide /31 point to point interfaces rather than the typical /30. This means that I can ping the other side of the interface, but I can’t ping the public internet from the router because the router uses the local wan interface my side of the /31 and that is only rotatable locally and not to say

I am trying to upgrade my router, but its using the /31 IP also. My network is fine, because the router will forward packets through. I also can ping with at public IP as the source address rather than wan /31.

Can’t you just set your default gateway ( to the other end of the /31?

What happens when you do that?

packets go as far as the end of their network then stop because the /31 source IP on my wan interface is not routable.

Can you post some sanitised config? I don’t understand the problem. If you’re sending traffic to them, they should route it?

Is it maybe a problem where you’ve forgotten to apply an outbound NAT policy to your WAN interface?

Sure: https://pastebin.com/FZtUcZGL

Right, I’m sorry, I misunderstood what you were getting at, but now see your config I understand. Yes that IP they’ve given you isn’t publically routeable, that’s quite normal for a linknet address.

You should be able to ping the internet if you do

ping interface

I guess your problem is the “add system image” command is using the 172 as the source, and that’s not working? If that’s the case you should just be able to copy the image to the router via the same Interface you otherwise manage it, then do a “add system image /path/to/image”