85% of Telecom Operations are Experiencing Supply Chain Disruptions

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We wanted to share some interesting news that we came across recently. Two articles from VanillaPlus and Silverlinings highlighted that 85% of telecom operators had project timelines disrupted due to supply chain issues. This can be a major headache for telecom operators, but there’s a way to avoid them altogether. By choosing a vendor-neutral and vendor-agnostic virtual solution, you can ensure smooth project timelines and seamless operations.

If you want to read more about this topic, check out these articles from VanillaPlus and Silverlinings:

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Vodafone is mentioned on VyOS page. What exactly are they doing? Are they already utilizing VyOS for their networks?

In case somebody wonders why the delivery times are still close to 12 months rather than just a few weeks as they were a few years ago:

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