Able to ping vms on different vlan once static routes are removed

Hi All,

I am new to networking ; on VMware workstation I configured VM-A with and VM-B with address

I added two virtual nics on vyos router and assigned IP’s and as default gateways for respective VM’s

I added static routes and I was able to ping both the VM’s

However when I remove the static routes from the vyos router then also the vms continue to ping each other

I tried the same setup on cisco packet tracer and it works as expected

why vms are able to ping each with no static routes ???

thanks in advance

difficult to say.
Can you post the routing tables (show ip route) and the configuration ( to have something more compact you can use “show configuration commands”)?

Are you saying that you left the static routes on the VMs but not on the Vyos? The Vyos will route traffic cross its subnets by default you don’t need to add any routes to it. If you want to block this then you can setup zone polices and apply firewall rules to each policy.

If you have removed the static routes from the VM’s and you can still ping, then sounds like maybe you need to flush the ARP table.



Host might ARP for any destination when no default gateway is defined. ProxyARP on a router might answer that request.