Active/Active VRRP + Conntrack: High available and redundant NAT

Hi everybody,

I am currently working on a Terraform Module to handle VyOs High Available NAT instance with VRRP. At the current state my module is able to deploy a fully working couple of VyOs 1.3 instances behind a GCP ILB with VRRP (active/passive) configuration, so that whenever I need to reboot/update/maintain one VM, the other one will take over the connections without resetting currently opened clients connections.

However, I am now wondering: is it possible to have an ACTIVE-ACTIVE VRRP configuration so that both the instances “share” the load? I guess that with conntrack-sync that should be somehow possible to combine HA with Load Balancing.

Any suggestion?

Hello @albertogeniola maybe in your case it will be interesting to use WLB (Wan Load Balancing). Could you try to draw a basic topology?