Additional question on Outgoing Traffic for BGP IPv6

Follow up on this post (Outgoing traffic for BGP IPv6 - #10 by Viacheslav) as it’s closed and can’t reopen.
While I am testing

vyos@r14# set policy route-map FOO rule 10 set ipv6-next-hop 
Possible completions:
   global               Nexthop IPv6 global address
   local                Nexthop IPv6 local address
   peer-address         Use peer address (for BGP only)
   prefer-global        Prefer global address as the nexthop

On my 1.3, I don’t have peer-address option. So when I select prefer-global, I got this error:

vyos@Edge2012# commit
[ policy route-map transit rule 20 set ipv6-next-hop prefer-global ]
you must specify an action

[[policy route-map transit]] failed
Commit failed

Set action accept, as you don’t set any action