Allow for Peer-Groups in ipv4-labeled-unicast SAFI

Currently the CLI doesn’t support applying a configured peer-group to the ipv4-labeled-unicast SAFI, though it is allowed in FRR.

vyos@vyos# set protocols bgp peer-group PG address-family 
Possible completions:
 > ipv4-unicast         IPv4 BGP neighbor parameters
 > ipv4-vpn             IPv4 VPN BGP neighbor parameters
 > ipv6-unicast         IPv6 BGP neighbor parameters
 > ipv6-vpn             IPv6 VPN BGP neighbor parameters
 > l2vpn-evpn           L2VPN EVPN BGP settings
router bgp 65000 
 address-family ipv4 labeled-unicast
  neighbor PG activate

My specific use case is wanting to use a Listener Range, which doesn’t work for the labeled-unicast SAFI since I can’t attach the peer-group.

Hi @L0crian,

I‘ve just approved your Phabricator accound. Can you please move this to tracker and create a Feature Request there?

You can assign this directly to me (c-po) and I will look it up.


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Done (hopefully correctly)! I appreciate you looking into it.