Already thought about building vyos as linux package?

Good evening

I don’t know the integration details about VyOS, but always whenever I work with VyOS, I think it would be great to have “the VyOS way” for Network, firewall, router, … configuration in a standard linux.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to build generic VyOS Linux Packages which could be used to configure the Linux Networking?
There is for example ufw… but compared to vyos it does not offer what it suggests. Users still have to handle strange config files.
A generic configuration layer like VyOS would be great.

I don’t expect an answer - I just would like to share this idea.
And I’m pretty sure that if we could call
apt-get install vyos
you should get much more users.

Thanks a lot for all your great and so useful work!

Kind regards,

thanks for the suggestion but it’s not possible because of a lot of things