Any interest in an updated installer?

I was just wondering if there is any interest in an updated installer.

For my own use, I’ve tossed together a drop-in replacement for the “install-get-partition” script (with a few edits elsewhere), that provides:

  • Provides a bit more “modern” experience by using whiptail dialogs, progress bars, etc.
  • RAID1/10/5/6/etc support
  • ZFS support with stripe, mirrors, RAIDz1/2/3. Yeah, pretty much completely unnecessary for VyOS, but it was only a few more lines of script.
  • MBR/GPT Support
  • EFI Support. This was my main interest, and why I started using whiptail; to make it easy to navigate a few choices. It works, but requires manually booting an EFI shell the first time because the default ISO that gets built doesn’t support EFI. That means no grub access to the EFI variables until a reboot. Also means it wouldn’t work on an EFI-only system. To fully make it work out-of-box would require a few more changes to the image as a whole.

I have no idea if this would even be on the roadmap or a priority, but I thought at the very least the first two items might be something someone might be interested in.

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Hey @kroy of course we curious, do you have gitgub repo for it?

@kroy you know how to intrigue people :slight_smile:
We about to add UEFI support so your install comes just in time, show it! :sunny:

Haha. I decided to make this post and then go on holiday for a week.

I’ll throw something up towards the middle of next week once I get back

Created corresponding task here

@kroy any update on this?
we still pending on this.
Let me know if you can share it or we should look to expand ours

I had to start from scratch due to some breaking changes. I’ll post something up in a few hours