Assistance on backup configuration file Vyatta V6.5R1

Hi All,

May i know how will i convert my configuration file(running-config) to notepad(text file) via windows.

Im using Vyatta OS: V6.5R1

What is the command to use?
Im also checking what is the command using help or ?. Please see attached.


Thank you.


cp /config/config.boot /config/config.boot.txt

Does that help you? I’m not sure if that’s what you are looking for.

In the CLI the [?] key may be used to display available commands. The [tab] key can be used to auto-complete commands and will present the help system upon a conflict or unknown value.

For example typing sh followed by the [tab] key will complete to show. Pressing [tab] a second time will display the possible sub-commands of the show command.

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And does that help you?

If you want to copy it to your computer, and it has SSH, you may be looking for

sudo scp /config/config.boot your_username@your_computer_address:/destination_folder/config.boot.txt