AWS VyOS Loses Connection



I had previously been using the AWS VyOS image 1.1.0 (upgraded to 1.1.8) but I have recently been testing the paid version on AWS of 1.1.8 as well.

I’m using it for site-to-site VPNs.

My problem is that as soon as I configure a peer I lose connection to the instance and need to reboot it. When it comes back up the last commit with the peer info is not there anymore. If I attempt to create the first peer again same thing.

I have used the other image quite a bit and never had any problem like this.

Is there something I need to do first?

Basically my steps are:

  1. create default IKE and ESP groups
  2. set ipsec interface eth0
  3. commit - all ok
  4. create first peer
  5. commit - lose connection

I’ve also tried updating to the latest nightly build and it seems ok.



can you share config and logs?


Hi Syncer,

Sorry for the delay.

I think I must have had something wrong in my config as I have now deployed a new test instance and its working well.