Basic Network Config - X posted


Hi all,

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Relatively new to networking and am trying to create a simple network (not segmented) with a server and two client LANs thats a closed network on VMware.
I’d drawn out the network first and thought it was fairly simple but am having trouble with the routing.
The design is:
Servers -
Client LAN 1 -
Client LAN 2 -
(I’ve not started with the servers yet) but have assigned the clients static IPs with .10/.20 etc for the last octet with default gateways being .1
The router has 3 network adapters, with the addresses being:
eth0 -
eth1 -
eth2 -
I can ping the router from the clients, but the router will not ping the client machines.
Ive tried to look at NAT as a solution but never really found the answer. I’d appreciate input to help me learn!

Many thanks!


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