Basic Network Config


Hi all,

Relatively new to networking and am trying to create a simple network (not segmented) with a server and two client LANs thats a closed network on VMware.
I’d drawn out the network first and thought it was fairly simple but am having trouble with the routing.
The design is:
Servers -
Client LAN 1 -
Client LAN 2 -
(I’ve not started with the servers yet) but have assigned the clients static IPs with .10/.20 etc for the last octet with default gateways being .1
The router has 3 network adapters, with the addresses being:
eth0 -
eth1 -
eth2 -
I can ping the router from the clients, but the router will not ping the client machines.
Ive tried to look at NAT as a solution but never really found the answer. I’d appreciate input to help me learn!

Many thanks!


What OS are the clients?
I’ve seen Windows machine block traffic from other private networks.
Try ‘ping interface eth1’

Post your config.


Just Windows for now. Win7 with 1 x Win10.
The ping gives me bad parameter interface

Do i need to configure the vif?


This is the basic network i drew. If there are any glaring errors please say so.
The clients can ping across the router to the other network interfaces but it won’t go any further.


Turn the firewall off on the clients.
The ping command should be run from VyOS.
VIF is used for VLANs. If you don’t have your clients set up to accept tagged traffic or your switchports set to untagged (not sure how this is done in vmWare) then you don’t need them.
I’m guessing you have each client on a separate vswitch and each interface on the router attached to each vswitch? That’s what your drawing hints at.
Post your VyOS config.


Looks like it was that the firewall! What a simple error haha. At least i know it wasn’t my networking per-say that was the main issue…
Its fixed the issue for client to client etc but WInServer12 won’t talk to anything.
Pings just give me:
Reply from Destination host unreachable.

3.10 is the address assigned to the server - FW turned off for now as well. Is it different because its a server?


I dunno, layer 1 issue? Check everything is plumbed correctly in vmWare.
Check your IP, netmask, and gateway are all correct.
Check IP is on the correct interface in VyOS.
Check any NAT rules you may have applied. Delete or disable them (probably).
Ping the gateway on Windows server.
Ping the Windows server from the gateway.