Basic Routing not working between 2 port groups on an ESXi

Hello Friends,

I know its very basic question, but i am new to VyOS. I did try to troubleshoot the issue, but no luck. Simple routing between portgroup not working.


I have virtual env with 2 subnets and following 3 interfaces on vyos.

eth0 - connected to 1st std switch on an esxi which talks to internet using vmnic0 as a uplink.

and these 2 nics of vyos conencted on seperate std switch which does not have any uplink.

eth1 - “mgmnt network”
eth2 - “vm network”

connected 2 vm’s to these two networks with respective default gateway.
Ping not working between them.
Source NAT for internet access works fine.
Destination NAT to one of the vm from 1631 network works fine.

Any help will be appreaciated.

Hi @fifthman
Try to dump traffic and check arp entries/interface status.
Execute ping from 2 vm’s and on host vyos

sudo arp -an | match "172.16.31"
sudo arp -an | match "172.16.32"
sudo tcpdump -ni eth1
sudo tcpdump -ni eth2
show interfaces
show interfaces counters