Basic Routing question


I have a virtual environment with 5 subnets. I configure the vyos with 5 interfaces

how do I configure vyos to route between networks? I added a static route
set protocols static route next-hop
set protocols static route next-hop

and setup a host ( and ( but cannot ping each other. Is this even possible?



The resolution was to put a static route on the host server
route add -net netmask gw

then it worked. Maybe I should just make my default gateway


the attached interfaces will route to each other without any additional configuration.

in your test machines, set their gateway to the respective IP of the router. would get as its gateway would get as its gateway


Thanks, your’re right I just needed to set my default gateway to the router and it worked!


I have been searching for solution. Works calm. Thanks.


I don’t understand fully… This is somewhat what im trying to do my self… I have 3 networks each with 2 vms I need to get to internet outside and how do I set them up I have used the same ips ? I need to set or get to router and then out to internet gateway which is 254.


You need to setup NAT, and then specify the system-gateway interface

 source {
     rule 100 {
         outbound-interface eth*
         source {
             address ***.***.***.***/**
         translation {
             address masquerade

You can create multi source addresses for each of your 3 subnets.