BGP Community - Insert muliples entries.

Hi Guys,

In other major vendors We’re able to advertise prefixes with more than one BGP Community.

I’m running VyOS on the latest version and I can’t find a way to advertise prefixes “tagging” two distinct communities for example 65000:1111 an de 65000:2222 in the same time.

When I try to add another community the system replace the old community to the new one.

I’m new on this system and maybe using wrong features inside it, so I want know if there is a way to do it or this is a platform limitation.

Thanks all!!

Hi Guys,

I found a way to do it.

Basically you must insert the multiples communities using “”.
rule 10 {
action permit
description OWN-PREFIXES
match {
ip {
address {
prefix-list v4-as65000-out
set {
community “6500:1111 6500:2222”