BGP Conditional Route Advertisement



Does VyOS support conditional BGP route advertisement, like this:



No, not yet.

Since vyos uses quagga, that won’t appear in vyos until quagga implements it, and until vyos updates to that later quagga version.

However, you can probably script something like that. Periodically checking the bgp routes and adding/removing an entry in a route map might work.


I use a trick that was given in the old vyatta forum :

On route received I apply a route map that set a community on the route.
On route advertised I apply a route map that deny the route with this community

This way if I receive the route I do not advertise it
If the route is no more received, it began to be advertised.


Thank you both for the information. We will look into both solutions to see if they work for us. Hopefully quagga implements this feature soon