Blocking IP addresses on the flow using ipban

Hi Team,

I believe vyos being a debian uses iptables and ipfwset. I have a external source of malicious IP addresses and wondering if something like can help to achieve blocking bulk of malicious IP addresses on the fly?

Or does anyone have any other experience or solution to block large blocklist?

Yes, use this script.

I use it, it works really really well.

Thanks man!! appreciate it. By the way not sure if that was tested out before does this blocking works in a bridge mode as well?

I don’t quite know what you mean by “a bridge mode”? Can you clarify?

If you mean can you apply it so it works on a bridge interface, then I can’t see why not, long as there’s an IP Address on the bridge interface.

That is right I am talking about bridge interface since I am planning to integrate a device in existing setup do not want to change my setup a lot hence wondering if blocking would work in bridge mode.

I wonder: Bridged packets might not cross iptables, so you can’t filter using iptables