bufferbloat, fq_codel, 1.1.0-beta1

Since 1.1.0-beta1 has the newer kernel with fq_codel, I made a first attempt at adding a fq-codel queue type. It seems to work here.

Hello carl.byington

I think It is good idea to fork thorse repositories and request git pull request on github.

vyatta-op-qos/vyatta-show-queueing.pl at helium · vyos/vyatta-op-qos · GitHub

vyatta-cfg-qos/vyatta-qos.pl at helium · vyos/vyatta-cfg-qos · GitHub
vyatta-cfg-qos/FairQueue.pm at helium · vyos/vyatta-cfg-qos · GitHub
vyatta-cfg-qos/ShaperClass.pm at helium · vyos/vyatta-cfg-qos · GitHub
vyatta-cfg-qos/Shared.pm at helium · vyos/vyatta-cfg-qos · GitHub
vyatta-cfg-qos/templates/traffic-policy at helium · vyos/vyatta-cfg-qos · GitHub

Best regards.

Hiroyuki Sato.

I will eventually do that, but I want to make sure this is working first. An improved version is at 510 Software Group with the patch at http://www.five-ten-sg.com/util/vyos-fq-codel.patch

I still need to add some error checking, since

match tiny ip small
match tiny ip source address

should generate an error. “ip small” is incompatible with the other match types.

Hello carl.byington .

I introduced about your work in Japanese VyOS community.
I’ll let you know if someone test.

Best regards.

Hiroyuki Sato.