Build vyos-1x deb files

I am trying to build vyos-1x package deb files for arm64. I did the following
git clone
cd vyos-1x
git checkout vyos/1.3dev0
sudo debuild -b -uc -us

But all I got is a vyos-1x…all.deb while I expected to get more than 1 file like: vyos-1x, vyos-1x-smoke-test, vyos-1x-vmware.
Could you please tell me how to build this vyos-1x package properly?

Thank you.

Try it

git clone -b equuleus --single-branch
cd vyos-1x
debuild -us -uc -b

Thanks for your reply. It gave me error this time.

src/tests/ 46 0 100%
src/tests/ 34 5 85% 25-28, 129
src/tests/ 58 0 100%
src/tests/ 8 0 100%
src/tests/ 22 6 73% 27, 30-34

TOTAL 10847 10494 3%

Ran 43 tests in 14.038s

FAILED (failures=1)
make[1]: *** [Makefile:121: test] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/vyos/vyos-1x’
dh_auto_test: make -j1 test returned exit code 2
make: *** [debian/rules:16: build] Error 2
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build subprocess returned exit status 2
debuild: fatal error at line 1182:
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -ui -b failed

Update: I have to run the docker with --sysctl net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6=0 to pass the test, then everything is fine. Now I can build the deb files.

Thank you Viacheslav.

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