Building from Crux Issues


It’s complaining about ‘ocamlfind’ not being found, but clearly it’s there, and env variables are set properly, it can be called by auto completion both in and outside of docker container, any ideas?

Hi Matt. I found that the current branch fixes a lot of these problems. In particular the latest Docker file sets up OCaml for libvyosconfig on the build host:

I can only assume that the machine that built the official Crux build was setup ‘manually’ before these improvements were made.

I have been building VyOS using a VirtualBox by taking all the 'RUN ’ lines from the Dockerfile and running them as a shell script. Take a long time but gets there in the end…

Thanks, I’ll have to look into that. Isn’t current the rolling release?

I presume that current gets merged into release branches.

It should be possible to use the Dockerfile from the current branch to setup your build environment - and then build the ISO from the crux branch.