Building package for VyOS



I’d like to build a Linux package for Edge Router X, based on VyOS. I’ve seen it’s based on Debian Wheezy 7.11, I’m trying the normal way of building package for other architectures but I’m having problems.

I was wondering if there’s an official guide for redbuilng a debian package for VyOS, like a VM or a docker environment.



EdgeOS not based on VyOS
You probably better to ask on ubnt forums


But according to the wiki they share the same root Vyatta. It should be the same building a package for one of the two platform, isn’t it?



dpkg-buildpackage should then work for you. (dpkg-dev package)


Yes, Vyatta. That doesn’t mean EdgeOS is based on VyOS. They are both based off Vyatta. EdgeOS I believe is based off Vyatta 6.3 or 6.4 (?), and VyOS is much newer.