Building vyos 1.2

Hi all,

Is there a way to build the vyos 1.2 release version rather than ‘current’? I’m struggling a bit to get all the modules built with interdependencies and stuff and was hoping there’s a way to build a stable 1.2 version.

I tried ‘git checkout crux’, but still had issues.

tips would be greatly appreciated!


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you can use the docker image vor “crux” branch… or otherwise build it yourself from “crux” branch which is LTS. Dependencies are all in the docker file.

Hi oddboy,

the best explanation is from here:

just checkout the crux branch like VoIP-Ninja say. crux is the name for the 1.2 version.


d’oh! thanks guys! I didn’t think of checking out the 1.2 docker image… i was trying to check out all the submodules on the crux branch. :open_mouth: