Building VyOS with vyatta-upnp

Hi guys!

I want to build VyOS with a custom package that I found on github ( I tried to build it with the Building VyOS documentation in the wiki but I always have the following error message

Invalid choice ‘vyatta-upnp’, for -b/–build use --list-packages for complete list!

I created a folder named packages in the vyos-build and clone the repo in there.

Does someone has an idea why it’s doesn’t want to build?



Exactly what documentation did you follow to do your build?
The most up to date vyos building documentation is located here : (to build 1.3 current)

To build vyos with custom packages the package needs to be “compiled” into a .deb before its added to the vyos-build/packages directory. please refer to the original package repository on how to build it. but it could be dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -tc -b (no guarantee). The resulting .deb’s should then be copied to vyos-build/packages/ to be installed when the image builds.

As this is a package created for EdgeOS, there are also no guarantees that the package will build for or are installable on vyos.