Cannot ping between LANs over Vyos

Hello all

I’ve setup a Vyos router in VMWare. I configured 2 interfaces, eth0 and eth1, each with an IP within 2 subnets, VMNet 1 AND VMNet2. I have a Linux VM on each network. Both VMs can ping their respective gateways (VyOS interfaces) just fine. The device in VMNet 2 can ping the device in VMNet 1 as well. However the device in VMNet 1 cannot ping the device in VMNet 2. Its driving me crazy as I have tried all I can. The device in VMNet 1 can ping both interfaces on VyOS well so its surprising why it cannot ping the PC on VMNet 2. Can anyone help with this?

Try to dump traffic on the Linux server, connected to VMNet 2, and at the same time send pings from another site.

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