Can't install on dell computer

I couldn’t find any category regarding installs. I have never used vyos before, but it was recommended to me as I need to do some routing on my l2 switch… however I am unable to install it. The rolling image boots up and I log in, I then type install image, it finds my hd sda, I tell it to install there, it then says it has to unmount /usr/lib/live/mount/medium and it can’t, because it says it busy. The LTS starts to boot syslinux banner comes up, it says no arrays found in config file or automatically, sits there and thinks for a few minutes at least and then… eventually fails and says unable to find a medium with a live file system. I can’t find anything on google other than someone said their memory was installed incorrectly on the first error, so I reinstalled memory, no change.

I’ve installed a lot of linux distros over the years, but never have had problems like this. Trying to install on a bog standard dell optiplex 9020 with 8gb memory and an 8GB ssd drive… it boots other distros and windows fine, I’ve downloaded multiple times and used rufus to image the iso to my usb drive. I’d really like to use vyos as it seems like it has all the feature I need and I haven’t really got the money to splash out on a L3 device at the moment but I do have spare computers.

Have you checked this nice guides:

turns out is was my harddisk… or something that is on my harddisk that vyos didn’t like or couldn’t erase etc. I got rolling release installed on it now, thanks.