Can't reach other subnets after connecting to VPN

Hi Everyone,

I’m unable to reach the private subnet after connecting to VPN via ipsec / pptp,


I can ping eth1 interface but I’m able to reach any of the hosts on

Here is my config

Do I need to create any static routes?

windows vpn client has checkbox: “use default gateway on remote network” which sends all traffic over the vpn
after disabling it, look into powershell Add-VpnConnectionRoute command, to specify which routes to use after connect

I’m not using Windows, I’m using mac os, and I don’t have such an option.
I’m just curious to know if creating static routes is required to reach whatever subnets are on other interfaces such as eth1?

MAC has a similar check box (1st google find)
Note ppp IP address negotiation doesn’t hand out a subnet, so you will end up with classless route
If VPN interface is in 10.x range, you will end up with route automatically
If VPN interface is in 172.16…31 range, you will end up with /16 route automatically
So by using proper addresses, you might get away without hassling with client routes