Clear pppoe log file

show interface pppoe pppoe0 log

gives me a huge log file… how can I clear it? … and don’t say “with ‘delete log file’” and not specifying the name of the log file… what comes after “delete log file”? … filex? fileq? logfile_with_secret_name? logfile_without_a_name.somethingyouneverfindoutorjustbyluck?

ok… it seems, that there are no logfiles (almost none) that can be deleted with this command and it seems, that everything goes into the… journal-log (whatever this is, don’t ask me, I’ve no idea how Linux works, but I’m learning quick) … clearing this seems to work with

journalctl --rotate … but need’s a sudo in front (also something I’ve to find out how exactely it works and when it’s needed and what it does) … so

sudo journalctl --rotate
sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1s

and done… but, I’m sure like this I’ve deleted EVERY log… anyway… as I sayed… for the moment I’m learing and if I’m destroying the system… fine… no problem for me… even when I’m destroying the hardware it’s fine… I’ve still 3 more boxes under the table…

I hate good documentations… really…

We do not have a way in clearing out logfiles from the operational level CLI (yet).

But that is a good point which can and should be added to the VyOS CLI.

I created the feature request ⚓ T3589 op-mode: support clearing out logfiles from CLI

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