"Commit" Problem


we have Problem with one of our vyos router. I really don´t know since when this happened, but when i change something at the config, and i commit it. The “commit” does not take any effect on the running config. Only when i restart the whole router it take effect. I had this problem when i was try to change vpn peer site to site settings. Also after i delete whole peer and committed it and saved to. The “show vpn ipsec sa” showed still the deleted peer?!?!?

I´hope someone can help me out.

Here is the version that i´m using:

vyos@vyos:~$ show version
Version: VyOS 1.1.5
Description: VyOS 1.1.5 (helium)
Copyright: 2015 VyOS maintainers and contributors
Built by: maintainers@vyos.net
Built on: Tue Mar 24 23:59:47 UTC 2015
Build ID: 1503242359-88bcbc8
System type: x86 64-bit
Boot via: image
Hypervisor: VMware

best regards