Communication between vlan and physical interface.


I have lan physical interface, when have adres and I have vlan-9 with adress 192.168.9…1 on the same physical interface.
How can I communication betwen vlan9 adress and physical interface adress ?


directly connected interfaces will talked to each other already, unless you have firewall rules in place.


Both are treated as separate interfaces and by default VyOs routes between all its interfaces (that’s the point of a router). So you have nothing to do

try “ping -I” from configure mode and you will see it responds

(this command does ping your physical interface address from the vlan interface)


Thanks for reply. Response on ping between interfaces vlan adress GW and physical adress GW working properly. But my host with address vlan not pinging host with physical address.
ping -I

bind: Cannot assign requested address

What’s wrong ? NAT is required ?


Do both hosts ping their respective gateway interface ?
Do they have their gateway and subnet mask correctly configured ?
How are they connected to the physical and VLAN interface ? I suppose this involve a switch, what it’s brand / model / configuration?

You should post the VyOs instance configuration and host IP settings (Windows : result of ipconfig /all ; linux result of “ip address” and “ip route”)


Agree with JFL Without at least VyOS config it’s impossible to suggest