Config written with "quotes" after upgrade, but no quotes after change

I am tracking my VyOS config in source control to note changes over time.

One issue doing this is after an upgrade, the post upgrade rewrites all fields in the form:

action drop
action “drop”

(across the entire config file, e.g. network to network “” as well)

this is fine… but then when I make a small change to the config, the entire config is then saved back to the form…
action “drop”
action drop

meaning a whole bunch of un-necessary (to me) cosmetic changes checked to source control twice every time I do a VyOS upgrade.

I am copying my config just with
scp vyos@server:/config/config.boot /my/source-control/config.boot
after every change though.
is this intended behaviour? is there a better way I should be doing this? is there a way to control this behaviour?


@zogvyos1 This is expected behaviour, as a result of the dual processing of config files by (1) ‘modern’ VyOS parsing of config files on update and (2) ‘legacy’ Vyatta parsing on saving of config file — the apparent difference should not pose a problem, and will resolve as we continue to migrate the legacy code to ‘modern’ tools.


thanks for the info - yes, it is not a major issue, I’ll await for the modern config tool migration.