Connect 2 vyos routers (sites)


I am new to VYOS, and an ICT student. I am building a virtual network for a school project.

Now am i trying to connect 2 VYOS routers, because I have to connect two sites in one domain. Here is a overview on a networkmap how it’s like:

I can now ping from router1 to router2 (eth0 but when I ping from router1 to router2 (eth1 it doesn’t find it. How can I make the connection. Because I have to connect client1 to server1. Also, I must be able to find Webserver from client1 (or server1).

Thank you in advance!

You need to add routes.
On R1 , , next hop =
On R2 , default route 0/0 , next hop =

If networks grow, this is hard to setup on all routers, then introduce a protocol like OSPF that does it all for you

Thanks! I’m going to try it out.

Yes, it is working! Thank you very much!