Creating a New Daemon


I am trying to create a new daemon in the parallel to rip, ospf and other protocols and connect it to zebra.
I have tried to follow the steps in this link:

but no much luck with that.

Could you please guide me through the process to create a new daemon


I have tried following steps.

I replicated the ripd daemon and made the required changes in the code, I also modified the files

  1. vyatta-quagga/
  2. vyatta-quagga/

after running the command debuild -b -us -uc it gives me a the following files :

when I do a make iso it crashes with this error:

Errors were encountered while processing:^M
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
P: Begin unmounting filesystems…

I have also attached the build.log file.

build.log (194.0 KB)

Could you please help me with this regards.