Custom bandwidth on a physical port

Hello, I would like to know how to restrict the speed of a port if I have a customer who subscribes to 250MBPS how to do with vyos so that it receives this speed on a 1G or 10G port.


We recommend to have a look at our QoS documentation.

But for a very basic policy in your interface eth0 where your client “receives” 250mbit, it could be:

set traffic-policy shaper BASIC-POLICY bandwidth 250mbit
set traffic-policy shaper BASIC-POLICY default bandwidth 100%

set interfaces etherhet eth0 traffic-policy out BASIC-POLICY

If you are ok with dropping enqueued packets to have a shorter latency, you should add:

set traffic-policy shaper BASIC-POLICY default queue-type fq-codel

If you want to shape their “upload” rate too, have a look here.

It’s working with vlan ?

Hi @Mohamed_El_Bouddunti

If you mean if it is possible to classify traffic according to VLAN ID, there is a bug now.

Classifying traffic according to subnet addresses (source or destination), or any other matching criteria, works ok.