Debian version under Vyos

I am fairly new to Vyos, and was looking at IPv6 prefix delegation. I was surprised to see the failure to support it laid on dhclient, since both the ISC and Debian docs include notes on how to set it up.
It turns out that the dhclient version running in my freshly compiled vyos-1.2.1 is 4.3.1, which ISC lists as EOL. And then it hits me just how old Jessie is.
So this great open source router is running on a really ancient Debian version. Is an upgrade to something a little less musty going to completely break the CLI code?
What will it take take to get Vyos on Debian 10 (why bother with 9 at this point)?

Hi @tllewell55,

the team is working on a backwards compatible CLI update of the whole system to Debian 10. As this is not that easy it will require time. We already have a bootable ISO but upgrading all the underneith configuration tasks is hard.

There are already some open tasks on targetting this. This might become VyOS 1.3.


Yes, I can see, now that you have pointed it out. I will poke around and see if I can do anything. I’ve been interested in working with nftables for a long time, but building a firewall out of a stock distribution install always looked like biting off more than I could chew.
I’ve got the Docker container for crux working on a Debian 10 install. I suppose making another for equuleus would build that iso, I hope?

Unfortunately as of now building a Buster ISO is not yet that straight forward. You would need to wait a bit more. But joining the VyOS slack channel at would be a good start for any discussion.