DHCP Server Configuration and Statistics very slow

Hi all,

I’m testing vyos as the main dhcp server for one of my larger deployments. The dhcp server itself seems to do fine. But the configuration changes and show commands have become very slow after I added all the subnets and reservations.

Here are some numbers:
vyos 1.3.0 on ESXi
4x 2.10GHz CPU

105 Subnets, 1 pool each
2300 static mappings
2870 leases right now

30s-1min to commit the config
~1h to run show dhp server statistics
~20min to boot

Now I’m wondering:
a) is this just an unusually large setup for vyos?
b) is there anyone runnig a similar setup that does fine?

Thanks for your comments

Hi, @shrank!

It happens with different configs from time to time. There might be a small non-optimized piece of code that becomes important only when you have thousands of similar config items.
If you can share the whole /config (there must be a config with leases file) folder with us, we would be able to analyze the behavior and find what operations take so much time.

I downloaded the config folder. The lease file is 633MB by now. I ran the first few lines from the lease file parser code and they seem quite fast. I think the problem is rather the number of zones then the number of leases.

I have to randomize all the MAC before I can share it. I’ll come back to you.