DHCP Server only on specific interfaces


I want to accomplish the following setup:

A VyOS Appliance with three interfaces
eth0 – address over DHCP (WAN)
eth1 – address (LAN1)
eth2 – address (LAN2)

I want clients on eth2 to receive addresses via DHCP and clients on eth1 to be manually configured.

Is this scenario doable?


Yes, should be pretty straightforward


But how?
I didn’t find a way to exclude interfaces from the DHCP service or to run it only on one interface :confused:


The DHCP server listens on the SUBNET. You don’t have to exclude interfaces or worry about what interfaces it is listening on.


But I still get a DHCP address when I connect to eth1 even though I only configured the dhcp server to listen on only …


use vlans to separate broadcast domains


You have something misconfigured.

You shouldn’t need that when they are physically separated