DHCP Server Static Mapping issue

I am attempting to create a reservation (static mapping) for a mac address, but it does not seem to be working. It will give the address to anyone. The graphic shows the DHCP leases and the configuration. I am on the latest OS, and am wondering if there was a change, the config worked on previous versions.

can you see if the static mappiong exisits in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf, below is from a 1.2.1 LTS test router that I just added some test config too.

If it’s not showing up then confirm the exact version you are on and I can see if I can replicate. show version will confirm version number.

Hello, @runlevel6!
This is not a bug. This is misconfiguration - static mapping addresses must not be overlapped with any dynamic pools. In your case, you need to split your pool into two smaller (, and then everything will work as you expect.

Thank you for the input, I had a feeling something was different. When you say split the pool into 2 smaller…Are you saying 2 smaller “ranges”? I am assuming the config should look like this:

@runlevel6, exactly. Is this configuration work as you want?