Dmvpn hub + l2tp-ipsec

Hi All,

I am a new guy in VyOS.

I want to setup a host to serve as both dmvpn hub + l2tp-ipsec server, but it failed if both configurations (dmvpn and l2tp-ipsec) co-exists. Anyone can help? Thanks.


Not supported currently and no workaround available (except use something other than l2tp-ipsec)

Hi Syncer,

Noted with thanks for your information…

Any other good choice in remote access vpn? I want l2tp-ipsec is that it natively supported by Windows and Apple, as well as easy to deploy with Linux.

Is there any other good choice in VyOS? Thanks…

Hi @ccng,

You can use IPsec IKEv2 VPN
Built-in support in Windows
You can read our blog:

Thanks a lot Nikolay! I will study the blog…

SSTP also available as alternative

Thank you Syncer, I will study your suggest too and see which one is suitable for my case, thanks a lot!

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