DNAT for local network

Hello everyone,

My configuration: - Local network [eth0.777] - DNS server
87.x.x.x - Public IP [eth1]

I have configured destination nat for my DNS like below:
rule 102 {
description DNS
destination {
address 87.x.x.x
port 53
inbound-interface eth0.777
protocol tcp_udp
translation {

Everything is working properly, but only from public network. I cannot access my DNS server (via public IP) from Local Network. Changing inbound-interface from eth0.777 to any not working :frowning:

Inbound-interface should be eth1.
And to access from the local network on the public IP you need hairpin NAT.
VyOS User Guide — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation - look under NAT Reflection.

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Thank you so much. Works flawlessly :slight_smile:

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