DNS Forward Service not working?

wen i do the following:

$ show dns forwarding statistics

Cache statistics

Cache size: 150
Queries forwarded: 0
Queries answered locally: 0
Total DNS entries inserted into cache: 0
DNS entries removed from cache before expiry: 0

Nameserver statistics

Queries sent: 0
Queries retried or failed: 0

Server: X.X.X.X (sorry… hidden)
Queries sent: 0
Queries retried or failed: 0

It doesn’t make since, because i’m browsing in one of the hosts (for example) which goes to the internet via the router (Vyos) and yet, i don’t see any dns that were sent or something. any ideas?.


Is the ‘client’ machine you are browsing from set to get its DNS from the VyOS or some other server? If it is NOT pointing to the VyOS for DNS resolution, then you will see no stats.

As far as i understand, if everything is 0, basically i can turn off the dns service. correct?.

If your clients are not pointing to the VyOS for DNS, you don’t need forwarding in place