ETA for Helium + VRRP IPv6


Hi to all.
Two questions:

  1. Is there any ETA for Helium release?
  2. Is VRRP with IPv6 addresses supported in Hydrogen or Helium releases ?


It is all in the hands of one person.
And that person promised to open up the ideas and timelines he had in his mind, but he didn’t.

From what I understood:
1.0.3 will mainly be a bug fix release.
1.1.0 will be a release with newer kernel, and some changes that the maintainer (dmbaturin aka Daniil Baturin) thinks as most needed.
He has some pretty nice ideas about new config setup.
But I insisted on making a TO DO list
ask the community and set priorities and work from the list of most needed/wanted instead of a list that only he has in his mind and nobody seems to be able to alter.

Once of the contributors has done a lot of work by porting VyOS to debian wheezy, plus he ported it to ARM platform (raspberry PI and other hardware)

Yet no response from Daniil regarding his efforts.

So, nobody knows the answer but one person, and he is playing silent.


Bad news. So, migrating from Vyatta to VyOS means move from a dead project (due to acquisition by Brocade) to a one-man project without a clean roadmap ?


Brocade didn’t kill vyatta VC, vyatta management did before they were bought.

I am sure he thinks it is clean map.
Just not open, and that is what a community driven project needs IMHO.
First 3 releases were about a month apart.
Then 3 months nothing.
Weren’t there patches /fixes ?

Sure, but he likes to work on things that he thinks are more important.
No sharing of information, just him working out the ideas in his head.
That is IMHO the down fall off any open source project.
He is a brilliant programmer, a trust worthy person.
Just not a team player. A one man army, and a pretty good I might add.
I think unless there is a change in the way how things are handled, this project has no future in the direction it is going at the moment


Probably, at the moment, the best OS to replace Vyatta is the one from UBNT but I don’t think is installable on non-UBNT devices.


It’s only part open source (eg it has a GUI which is not open source)
It runs great though


I don’t need a GUI.
Do you know where to download an iso for UBNT version ?


you don’t.
I am running it on ubnt hardware


Actually, my biggest (and only) issue with Vyatta is the lack of support to VRRP with IPv6 addresses.
How can I check if the current stable release of VyOS has this support? I have many networks that must be redundant with an IPv6 gateway address managed by VRRP.

In vyatta there are some patches but I prefer to not manually path a production system.


Is VRRP for IPv6 supported in Hydrogen ?
Looking at this: seems to be supported. Is this real? can I install a brand new hydrogen VyOS and get VRRP for IPv6 ?

I have to do this tomorrow morning.


I hadn’t heard of UBNT. What is it and can you post a link?