Export configuration on GIT ?


I would like to export the configuration of my vyos on a regular interval on GIT for :

  • Versionning
  • Backup configuration

I can easily make a shell script for that but I would advice to integrate on vyos

Where to put my script on OS ?
How to integrate cron ? Quite simply http://vyos.net/wiki/Task_scheduler ?

Do you think is a good idea to submit ? Native git export ?


Hello, you may want to configure commit-archive,

We considering to add git as supported destination in future releases


If you want to get under the hood, there is a lot of cool stuff you could do to get configs in version control. Here’s something for Vyatta, but you should be able to do something similar and better for VyOS http://www.vyatta4people.org/git-repository-for-vyatta-configs/