Feature Request - VPN local-address options

Feature requests, is this the right forum?

There are occasions, especially when deploying VyOS in AWS that the instance will not have a static IP address. Without getting too detailed, when you start using auto scaling groups (this is for health check purposes) in AWS new VyOS instances break because having to define local static content about the VyOS router in the configuration causes problems. Hence, when defining IPSEC VPNs, you have to configure a local-address. The local-address takes IPv4, IPv6, and any as an argument. The problem with defining an IP address is that we will have to update the configuration once a new VyOS instance is created which we don’t really want to do. The argument any cannot be used with VTIs.

My feature request is to allow the local-address command to accept interface names as well as IP addresses. If I am allowed to define an interface name, aka eth0, I could easily create a base AWS AMI. This allows me to bring new instances up without having to modify the configuration. We know that eth0 will always be the same for every new instance so that could be baked into a default base image.

This is necessary