Firewall logs to remote syslog host

I need to send only firewall syslog messages to a remote syslog host.
In the syntax I don’t see firewall as an option. I am running 1.4 rolling

vyos@vyos-pghome# set system syslog host facility 
Possible completions:
 > all                  All facilities excluding "mark"
 > auth                 Authentication and authorization
 > authpriv             Non-system authorization
 > cron                 Cron daemon
 > daemon               System daemons
 > kern                 Kernel
 > lpr                  Line printer spooler
 > mail                 Mail subsystem
 > mark                 Timestamp
 > news                 USENET subsystem
 > protocols            depricated will be set to local7
 > security             depricated will be set to auth
 > syslog               Authentication and authorization
 > user                 Application processes
 > uucp                 UUCP subsystem
 > local0               Local facility 0
 > local1               Local facility 1
 > local2               Local facility 2
 > local3               Local facility 3
 > local4               Local facility 4
 > local5               Local facility 5
 > local6               Local facility 6
 > local7               Local facility 7

Hello @panks21

In the settings of the firewall rules, you can enable logging and specify the message level.
For example, the warning level:

set firewall name SSH rule 10 log enable
set firewall name SSH rule 10 log-level warn

Then you can configure sending only warning messages to the server:

set system syslog host <ip syslog server> facility kern level warning

Thanks @RyVolodya
I will try this out