GCP image default username and password

I just deployed VyOS on GCP (zone us-east4-c). I seams to have problems to connect to VM via SSH using rsa pk. Next I tryed and successfully connected to VM via console, but the defaul un: vyos, pwd: vyos are not working. Anybody knows what are the default credetials for GCP image?

Have you followed deployment guide?
You need to create key with user vyos so you can ssh into instance
once in, you can set password for user vyos

I did follow guide, when trying to connect to instance using key I get :
“Server refused our key” error message and password prompt.

I used both Putty keygen on Windows and OpenSSH on linux, both formats wont work with the same error message.

Probably you missed something
I just tried myself and was able to ssh.
make sure you have key added like that

there is very little that can be missed in the procedure:

  1. create key ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C vyos -f ram-vyos-key
  2. grab pub key: cat ram-vyos-key.pub
  3. copy output to the VM SSH keys the name “vyos” comes out automaically.
  4. connecting to the VM $ ssh -i ram-vyos-key vyos@External_IP
    Welcome to VyOS
    vyos@Exteral_IP 's password:

can you suggest if I’m doing anything wrong?

At glance all is correct, let me try to deploy to same region.


yes procedure works as specified. One thing to remember is to add ssh key before VM gets deployed.

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Thanks for update.
Probably should mention on quick start guide

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