Got an error in exiting from the configuration mode

Dear Sir/Mam,
if i try to exit from configuration mode to operational mode
(DEBUG vexit_internal: calling getEditResetEnv() without config session) i get this error.

Run the following command to kill the job and exit from the op mode.


Thanks for the reply.
we got the same bug even after giving “fg” . please find the attachment.

Thank you.

The command “fg” is used to kill any existing/pending jobs. But it seems that you have again terminated this command using ctrl+z so the error did not clear out. How long did the command take for the execution before you interrupted it?
What is running VyOS version ?
On which platform, is it installed ?
Can you check if you have available swap memory ?

free -m

Have you executed any simple command to check the total execution time taken to return the output.

Hi Srividya,
I installed Vyos iso. image on VMware Workstation.
please find the Uploaded files, that will give you the detail information of Vyos version and Swap memory.

Thank you.

Increase RAM to 1024 or 2048 Mb.

okay thanks, I will try with 1024MB.