Has VyOS gone the way of Vyatta?

Is VyOS no-longer a community project?

I have tried to get access to the Wiki but without success:

  • I emailed wiki@vyos.net (as instructed on the wiki) but the email bounced
  • I emailed wiki@vyos.io (as listed on the blog) but got no response
  • Tried contacting dmbaturin / syncer on IRC but got no response

This effectively makes the Wiki read-only and no-longer a community project.

Also there are (very simple) Pull Requests that have no response:

Is it time (already?!) for someone to fork VyOS?

Hi @njh,
I have created an account for you. Sorry for late reply.

The point about the wiki@vyos.net is valid, we’ve made the .io one but forgot to add one for .net. Complaining about slow response time in a community project, however, is a bit strange though—a community project is by definition best effort. :wink:

The wiki has been effectively read only from its inception. Despite over 11000 unique visitors every month, few people bothered to edit it even when registration was open. It was the same even when anoymous editing was enabled. I’ve honored all account creation requests that I received earlier by the way… all three of them.

The issue with the community is that rather than a lot of people doing small things, it’s for the most part a small number of sufficiently crazy people doing large chunks of work. For example, the most visited page of the wiki, the User Guide, was written singlehandedly by Ray Soucy.

You can guess that the people who have that dedication to the project, whatever their reasons, are “a tiny bit” oversubscribed. There are high priority issues to deal with first, those listed in phabricator. We are in that voluntarily, but I hope people understand that rather than blame us.

I had to wait weeks or months to have my patches or bugs looked at in projects that few will try to accuse of not being open source enough, such as MediaWiki, Debian, and others. I don’t blame them—perhaps they had more pressing issues, perhaps they were just too busy with their day jobs or whatever else. I secretly hope other people will treat me the same way.


Hi Daniil,

Thank you for your considered reply. You are absolutely right that I should have no expectations for a free / community project. Indeed I don’t have a particularly good track record in responding to issues / pull requests on my own Open Source projects.

My reaction was partly out of frustration, that I have spent quite a lot of try trying to get VyOS to build and try and improve the process for others by submitting Pull Requests. I wanted to submit small PRs (that should be quick to review/accept) and get some feedback before submitting more but I wasn’t getting anything back (within a few days). But you are totally right, if your not paying for something, you shouldn’t expect anything.

I think the fact that you are now charging for VyOS has changed my perspective a bit. Even though I have not paid anything for VyOS - it increases the expectation that there are people who are getting paid to work on it, so will be present and engaged in its development.

In terms of engagement/contributions I imagine that something with a GUI would attract a wider audience of more casual users, perhaps with time to contribute to documentation. Whereas users of a text based configuration interface are going to be more used to a more commercial way of doing things, perhaps using it for work and less likely to contribute?

So apologies for my reaction but hopefully I am now unblocked to contribute and will be able to improve VyOS. If I can get it up and running, I will certainly be promoting it to my peers.